About Us

Home is always a place for us to relax, to flee from pollution and stress.

Being one of the renowned home furniture experts, Oscar provides wide range of choices for our customers in choosing the right products for their living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen of their ideal home.
With almost 30 years’ experience in building materials industry, Oscar is one of the best distributors in the industry. More than twenty years ago, Oscar had opened a one-stop service in the street of Lockhart Road in Wanchai, providing wide range of 100% European imported home furnishing products. In the shops, you can find kitchen cabinet for kitchen areas, steam room and shower sets for bathroom paradise,… We are trying to create an atmosphere of a real home and we are ready to bring you to your ideal Home. The new Home concept shop has used easy neutrals to create the sense of peace. We are trying to create more spacing for our customers by using various special materials and designs in our shop. Our aim is to create a simple, comfortable, elegant and natural feel home. Visit our showroom, you will discover something that you could not possibly imagine.

Today, we have served thousands and thousands of customers.
Our mission is to promote a healthy life by providing one-stop service of elite Home products with professional advice.
We strive for customer’s satisfaction from beginning to end. Stepping into our showroom, our well-trained staffs will provide you professional advice in various areas. If there is any technical problem, our professional technicians are always ready to assist. Designing a comfortable home that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements is not an easy task. We provide professional services from design advice to after service. At Oscar, we try to simplify all these matters for you. Customer’s satisfaction is always our main concern and we understand a one-stop service shop would save a lot of time for the customers from searching different furniture for their ideal home.