Ponsi Logo  

Ponsi Rubinetterie Toscane was founded in 1935 at Viareggio of Italy. The company has been involved in the evolution of life styles and trends in the bathroom environment. Always maintaining the company’s own identity, the brand focuses strongly on product quality. A product range inspired by philosophy: live forever.  Its’ style reveals an old passion for craftsmanship, products designed and assembled to be enjoyed and to last over time. All the Ponsi taps and bathroom accessories are manufactured entirely in-house, from design to end product, from foundry operations through forging, turning, cleaning and chrome-plating, to assembly and packaging. The versatile range of product has given shape to features of Ponsi: functionality, substance, durability, essentiality, style.

Ponsi is a well-established brand, both in Italy and abroad, with exports going to the European Union, and spread over the Far East and Asia countries. The company’s factory was also achieved certification to ISO9000 in 1998.

Since 2004, before the increasing in demand from architects and interior designers of the Floor standing mixer taps, Ponsi has already offered a complete range of floor-standing wash basin, shower and bath mixer taps which become the market trends in the next years.