Nobili Logo  

Officine Nobili is an Italian company which makes high quality technologically advanced taps and fittings. The brand has revolutionized the concept of wellbeing: in forms that are fluid and evoke emotion; in technology that is innovative, patented and unique and in comfort that is created from the union of body and soul.

The shower project of Nobili was conceived and fully realized with the intent to offer maximum freedom for insightful and visual creativity which radically simplified installation through technology that is flexible, responsive and functional.

More than just a shower, it stimulates your senses in an absorbing new experience. 6 types of shower head; never before has a simple jet of water offered so much.

The diverter cartridge with alumina oxide ceramic discs allows the selection of 5+5 single outlets. As water jets outs from the wall board, it allows innovative and simultaneous use of the outlets. A single block with thermostatic control provides water flow and temperature adjustment, outlet selection. Rejuvenate yourself with a feeling of wellbeing that will last all day long. Choose your favourite shower and let the water do the rest.

Light and colour can help us to discover ourselves as they surround and permeate everything around us, visibly and invisibly. A range of 16 shades can be chosen from the shower that fits your mood. Enjoy a real feeling of pleasure and positivity, for both body and soul.

Moreover, shower with aromatherapy will turn your room into a haven of wellbeing. It gives you a sensation of tranquility, relaxing both body and mind.