Mobalpa Logo  

Mobalpa is a well known leading kitchen manufacturer in France which is appreciated by the public for its quality kitchens over the past century. The factory was established by Eugene Fournier in 1907 with 3 main production sites in France employing more than 1000 people. As the leading kitchen brand, it has 300 dealers in France and more than 100 overseas (all exclusive). To make a yearly production of 40,000 kitchen and bathroom sets, with annual turnover over 200 million Euros, the factory uses the most recent technologies in term of robotics, computing, automation, safety and protection of the environment which conform to standards EN 62025 (durability), EN 14749 (safety), ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO14001 (environmental management). It was also awarded the distinction ”Etoile du Design 2005” for its drawer fittings concept.  

Committed to your wellbeing and to everybody’s environment
All Mobalpa furniture is manufactured in one of the most beautiful natural areas of the French Alps, so all our staff fully understands and promotes the principle of caring for the environment.

  1. All Mobalpa factories have ISO 14001 certification.

  2. 25% of the power supplied to the industrial equipment in Mobalpa factories derives from renewable energy sources.

  3. Mobalpa heats its factories using sawdust generated by its own manufacturing processes.

  4. The atmospheric emissions from Mobalpa factories are half those specified in the strictest standards in force.

  5. Mobalpa recycles over 70% of its industrial waste.

  6. As a member of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Forest and Trade Network, Mobalpa contributes to the sustainable management of forests and the protection of biodiversity.

  7. All Mobalpa furniture is packaged in boxes made from 100% recycled paper.

  8. All Mobalpa catalogues are printed on paper made using wood from sustainably managed forests.

  9. Mobalpa supports an NGO working to save the planet.