Kreoo Logo  

Decormarmi was established in 1962 in Italy, have been operating in the field of interior and exterior decoration, producing elements in marble and limestone for personalized projects, so it can offer a wide choice of high quality materials both Italian and foreign. 
Kreoo is Decormarmi’s young brand dedicated to design.
The brand name, Kreoo, is inspired by the Greek word “Kraino” which means to produce or create and this is quite fitting for the company’s 60 year legacy of artisan craftsmanship and creativity. Their offering is a marriage of high design and exceptional quality.
In its debut in 2010, Kreoo lined a path towards compelling ideas dedicated to home design and contract and offered to market a new and edited vision of the marble object. All the collections are real flexible furnishings systems that give marble an unexpected dimension of lightness and also approach it to other materials such as wood.
Kreoo means unique creative talent that is able to increase the value of marble characteristics and color options. This is also a cross street because Kreoo realize either objects for living rooms, bathroom, garden and office, always with astonishing solutions.