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    With more than 250 years of tradition are the strong roots that anchor Hoesch. The company has created its quality image with aesthetics, innovation and functionality.

HOESCH is the first company in Germany to produce acrylic bathtubs since 1972. Seven years later, the company presents the first acrylic bathtub with whirl system. With the Ultracryl® System, HOESCH introduces a new generation of acrylic bathtubs and shower trays to the market, which also sets new standards in enviromental protection by being 100% recyclable in 1994. Innovations such as this, highest quality, high-end design and comprehensive service are the basis of the HOESCH philosophy.

Bathing culture of Hoesch is full of beauty, functionality and quality. The reputation of the company grows by offering high-value products which allow user to enjoy water fascination. Hoesch also works with many internationally renowned designers in designing creative bathroom innovations as the company believes that design adds aesthetic individuality to the living space of the bathroom. Since many of the designers are award-winners including Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck etc, this multiple award winning HOESCH design refines the bathing experience.